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Become okebet agent! It is an opportunity to earn income

Okbet presents its brand new agent program with attractive commissions on every referral registration and deposit. As an okbet agent, you only need to have the charisma to encourage people to play casino games together with you. Sign up now and earn commission right away!

Reasons to choose Okbet

  • Receive up to 30% commission

  • Weekly settlement and payment

  • Multiple payment methods (GCASH, GRABPAY and local banks)

Okbet's agent application steps

Okbet agent means that you can enjoy a new way to earn money with us. Our agents make commission when their referrals sign up and open a real money account with okbet. As an agent, you’ll have fun earning money and make extra cash up to 30% commissions per week. Here's how you can become an agent of okbet:

  • Step 1

    Clicking the button below will take you to the application page to fill in the required information.


    Real Name


    Cell phone number

    After filling out the form, the okbet team will send you a certified letter to the mailbox you filled out.

    Agent Register
  • Step 2

    Click on the link of the verification letter, a login page will appear, fill in your username and password and you will be able to login to the agent page.

  • Step 3

    Once you enter your affiliate page, you will see your unique referral code and QRcode, which you can use to promote and receive commissions.

How do I make money as an Okbet agent?

It’s super easy to gain referrals. Just copy your referral URL from the Dashboard and share it to anyone you want to refer. When they sign up through your link, they become your referrals and earn commission for you!

1. Players have to enter their referral link when signing up
2. Once they made the deposit, we will credit your account immediately.

Commissions work as follows
Example: If a player deposits up to 1000 PHP, you will get 1000 PHP X 30% = 300 PHP

We pay out commissions on Mondays at 3pm every week and you can claim your commissions at any time, immediately via GCASH, GRABPAY or your local bank.

Become an agent today and earn commissions on every week

Okbet is a new way of promoting your own business and earning money. As an agent, you can earn commissions on every successful registration and deposit of your referrals. We are looking for agents who love what they do, have a good attitude and want to make more money by playing games online and helping us attract more customers. Don't hesitate anymore, become one of okbe's agents and start collecting commissions easily.